I see that you are curious to know more about us. So let's go there. Mcoc Blog was born from the passion of the Marvel Universe and a game, Marvel Battle of Superheroes or Marvel Contest of Champions (for those who don't like translations).  This combination and the desire to help all players of this game was just the beginning. After bringing all our knowledge to the game community, we decided to create our own store. We thought that like us, Marvel and Marvel Battle of Superheroes fans would love to be able to buy the most exclusive and curious products of the Marvel Universe. And what better than to combine all the tricks to advance in the game and products of this universe.

In MCOC Blog Shop you can find from the most normal and casual figures to objects like Thor's own axe. We bet for the diversification and we believe that it is something positive for you, without forgetting the exclusivity of the most curious objects of the Marvel universe. We always look for those products that are more exclusive and complicated to find, but we also like you to be able to find everything you want. That's why we like to have the figures of each superhero, as well as objects that you had never imagined. So that you can enjoy the experience with our products and our store even more, we offer a single price per product. The price you see on a product is the one you will pay, forget about paying for shipping costs or missing VAT on the price. In addition, we have a great customer service to facilitate any questions and problems. Whenever you want you can contact us at [email protected] and we will respond faster than Capitana Marvel traveling the earth.