Best Marvel Backpacks

In this post we will see the five best Marvel backpacks that can be found today. We will try to avoid the typical backpacks that have nothing special, and are simply an image or name stamped on a backpack. Because to be the best backpack you have to have something special, as you can see in this top five.

5. Endgame Backpack

I would have liked to put a more special backpack in this post, but there is not much variety and the endgame backpack had to be there being the most important movie in the last months. A simple backpack, but with a good color combination that doesn’t make it childish, with blacks and whites and plenty of space inside. If you want to commemorate what we lived with this movie, this backpack can accompany you wherever you want.  


4. Civil War Backpack

In the top 4 we find our capi. With a backpack already if something different from what we are used to. With the shape of the famous shield of Captain America, this backpack can accompany you everywhere. Although I doubt that it is as resistant as the shield itself. Although it is a rather small backpack compared to the previous one, its design and creativity make it something more special. For all those fans of the captain and his shield.   


3. Spider-Man Backpack

In the top 3 we find Spiderman with a different backpack than usual. With backpacks of such famous superheroes you can find everything, but this one is the most creative among all of them. Shaped like spider-man’s face itself, the backpack has a round shape where it even has spider-man’s face on the zipper. Although as in the previous case, it is a somewhat smaller backpack and does not have as much capacity, its design makes it unique.


2. Deadpool Backpack

The top 2 is for this original deadpool backpack. A backpack that looks like the same deadpool suit turned into a backpack. With a large space and many compartments where to put all kinds of things, even a special compartment for the computer. This backpack, although it may seem standard, to be so well recreated as if it were the same deadpool, takes a top two deserved. It lacks neither capacity nor any design with the deadpool symbol in the middle.


1. Iron Man LED Backpack

The top 1 could not miss this backpack that is very very original. Not only does it have the shape of Iron Man’s helmet, but its creator has gone to the maximum to make it as similar as possible to Iron Man himself. With LED lights in his eyes, this backpack is able to illuminate the eyes looking like Iron Man himself about to take off with his suit. A backpack, which, apart from its shape and design, comes with several compartments to be practical. It is not just a decorative backpack, as it is perfect for everyday use with several compartments that help to carry items such as laptop or other objects.


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