Figures with superhero accessories

In this entry we will see everything necessary about the figures with accessories that many times we find in stores like ours or others, and we do not know well what they carry. But first of all, what are the figures with accessories? When we speak of figures with accessories we refer to those that carry different combinations to change the figure. A very classic and widespread example is to carry a replacement of hands, face or new weapons. These figures usually vary a lot in price, depending on the accessories that are incorporated.

Types of figures with accessories

Although there are no types as such, we wanted to put different ways of grouping the figures with superhero accessories to establish prices. Because many times the price is related to the accessories that each figure carries, although it may also depend on other factors. This yes, we will see the figures that are usually cheaper to the most expensive.

Hands and face accessory: The most common and most economical that some figures already have incorporated most of the time. They are hand replacements to make different shapes and face or mask, to change the facial expression or put the mask of the superhero in question. These types of accessories do not usually have much difference in price to a figure without them, although as always, will depend on the quality of this.

Weapons and flame accessory: In second place, we see the figures that have extra weapons incorporated, such as different weapons in Iron Man to change depending on your taste. A very common accessory that combines perfectly with the weapons, are the flames of power, which are a kind of flame of different colors depending on the superhero. For example, in Captain Marvel we find lilac flames to highlight her mystical power and make her look even more powerful. These accessories usually go hand in hand in many figures, and greatly enhance the physical appearance of the figure. However, their price tends to rise to incorporate more accessories.

Multi accessories: We move on to figures that include endless weapons and modifications to create almost another superhero. The latter is a joke, but superheroes like Iron Man who have suits with many modifications we see figures that carry more than ten accessories. This way of being able to customize both the figure, as you can imagine is expensive and you have to like all the accessories, because it usually comes the whole pack. Although this yes, it will bring weapons, fire, masks and everything possible to combine. Its price is usually high, but if you like customization and you can afford it is worth it.

Platform accessory: To finish off, we have figures with platform accessories. Where in its version with this accessory, they come with a platform that highlights and improves the position of the figure. Having a place to put it and that is adapted for it. Many times the platforms have a kind of clamp to hold the figure in the air as if it were flying. The truth is that the platforms can make very good effects that without it would not be possible. Although perhaps the platform comes in a multi accessory figure, we wanted to separate this type of accessory for being something different. It is worth mentioning that the difference of the figure with platform or without it, usually has a price difference that added to the other accessories can be remarkable. Although if you only want the figure with the platform and the figure offers the possibility, it will not be a very strong change in price.

Which figures with accessories to choose?

In our store you can find all kinds of figures with accessories as in other sites. The choice is something more personal, and very much related to the price you are willing to pay. The figures with accessories have a substantial improvement if you like to play with them and enjoy the different changes and modifications that you can do, but you have to like the accessories. So, I think it’s more of a personal thing to see the figure with the accessories on and see if it really suits you for the price it’s worth. If so, you will not regret being able to have a figure that you can modify whenever you want at your whim. With iron man figures, there are usually many accessories that add a lot of style to the figure with modifications to the costume.

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