Types of superhero figures

In this entry we will see the different types of superhero figures that you can find, both in our store and elsewhere. There are some figures that are in more than one type, since the types is simply a way to separate the figures in a logical way. So let’s get to know all the types that can be found.


Big-headed figures are among the fans of the most popular. Their adorable look they have with a big head, and the possibility of characterizing superheroes has made them so much liked. With well-known brands such as funko pop in this type of figures, if you are a collector you can not miss such figures in your showcase.

Movies and comics

These figures are based on scenes from the same movie or clothes worn by the characters in it. Both in movies and comics we find these figures, to be able to see our superhero that we saw on the big screen in figure form. This type of figures is the most common, since we all love to see the superhero we saw in the movie or recreating one of the best scenes of the comics. Although this type is the majority, we also find figures that have never been seen in movies or comics, and are variations of superheroes or very original new scenes.


One of the most fun types, although there aren’t many. Crossovers are mixtures of superheroes or different characters in one figure. Some examples are a mix of enree pikachu and deadpool or groot with captain america. There are even mixes of marvel and DC superheroes, which makes them fun and original. With new designs, hardly seen.

Action and accessories

These two types often go hand in hand and the figure shares both types in it. The action figures are those with mobility in the extremities, designed to use them to simulate fights or to be able to move the superhero to your liking. Along with them, often come extra accessories of the figure, with spare parts or new weapons that you can include. These figures are very good for the variety of combinations they offer and the mobility of being able to do many things with them.


Figures that are increasingly seen thanks to technology and that it is more accessible to make this type of figures. Figures with LED light where some parts of the figure or the base where it is supported is illuminated. With a more special effect than a normal figure, these add an extra with LED lights that look great. In the case of Iron Man, the use of LED lights is very common for the eyes and chest, which look perfect. The only bad point is that they need batteries or to be connected to the current, but the good looks are worth it.

Exclusive editions

For collectors, the most interesting types of figures. This includes all the figures that come with limited editions or for some reason were discontinued, thus making their price soar and are very exclusive. Brands like Hot Toys are specialists in making these types of figures, with great detail and high quality figures. Funko pop also occasionally brings out special editions of some funkos that are for collectors. The most sought after figures, at the same time the most expensive.

If you liked it and you are interested in finding your next marvel figure, don’t hesitate to visit our store.

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